Pekin R/C Club

Flying Site Rules

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  1. On request, each flyer must be able to display a valid AMA license.
    [To club member, club officer. or park Ranger.]
  2. All flying shall be in accordance with the official AMA safety code.
  3. Frequency control shall be mandatory.
    A.* Each flyer shall display a channel number on transmitter antenna.
    B. Each flyer shall place a current AMA or Pekin R/C Club card in holder and hang it on the frequency control board on the channel he/she is using.
    [Marking your frequency number on board gives you the right to turn on that frequency. Do Not turn on your transmitter unless you have your card on your frequency number. Remove your card when you are done so someone else may use it.
    C. During events. such as Fun Flys, Fly-ins. and all open flying when a crowded flying field may occur, the radio impound rule will be put into effect.
    D.* No more than four flyers at one time will be permitted. If more than two pilots are flying at the same time, they must stand on the pilot station markers.
  4. All two cycle engines over. 15 CI displacement shall be equipped with an effective muffler. No flow through mufflers will be allowed.
  5. Engine exhaust must be aimed away from spectators and pilots when starting.
    [Face the airplane away from the crowd.]
  6. No flying permitted over the following areas. (SEE MAP)
    A. Spectator Area
    B. Pit Area
    C. West of the North/South tree line West of Runway.
  7. Spectators shall remain in designated area. (SEE MAP)
  8. * No vehicle or unattended pets will be allowed on the flying field or Pit area.
  9. Aircraft in distress. landing dead stick. and all student pilots have the right of way. Pilot in trouble or dead stick shall announce their situation to other pilots on the flight line.
    [If you have a problem, Holler Out. Someone may be able to help. If it goes down, the more that see where it goes the easier it is to find.]
  10. Each flyer is responsible for policing up their area and returning frequency control board holders to the lock box before leaving the field. Last flyer at the field will lock box.
  11. Aircraft flight path shall not exceed South of flight line markers. Pilots are not to walk across the flight line except to retrieve aircraft and will announce their situation to other pilots flying.
    [Let the other flyers know you are going on the field. They are watching their aircraft, not you. Let them know you are out there.]
  12. When two or more aircraft are flying, pilots will follow clockwise or counterclockwise flight patterns determined by that days prevailing wind direction.
    [Flight Pattern: Large rectangle, with all aircraft moving in the same direction.]
  13. Deliberate close flying to other aircraft shall be done only upon prior agreement between pilots. No flying permitted before 9:00 AM. [Except for electric]
  14. No alcoholic beverages or profane language allowed at the flying field. No flying permitted while mowers are in operation on the field.
  15. Pilots must keep glow fuel and gasoline off the ground when fueling.
  16. Only club recognized instructors will be allowed to teach beginner pilots.
  17. When more than two aircraft are flying it is recommended that pilots be accompanied by a spotter.


* Recommended